智能大数据可视化实验室 (Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab, 即 iDVx Lab), 立足于“同济大学设计创意学院”,是设计创意学院中一个着眼于大数据科学的研究型实验室。实验室旨在打造数据科学领域中具有世界一流水准的数据分析、可视化、及人机交互技术. 我们着眼开发针对大数据的、基于可视分析的异常检测技术,并将该技术应用于工业4.0、信息安全、智慧城市、以及医疗信息等诸多领域。

iDVx Lab is a research Lab in the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. The lab was founded in 2016 and focuses on data science and interactive and intelligent big data visualization techniques. Our research focus is visual anomaly detection in big data. We build interactive visual analysis systems to help with the finding of anomalous instances from the data collected from various application domains. Our techniques, for example, have been used to detect anomalous user behaviors on social media to find out social bots and the spreading of rumours; to detect gene mutation, arrhythmia, or anomalous care plans in the field of health informatics; and to detect anomalous traffic and mobility patterns and predict rare events in a city to prevent incidents such as stampede.

Information Security

Detecting anomalous user behaviors on internet and social media such as spreading of rumors or network intrusion.


Detecting anomalies in medical and healthcare data such as gene mutation, arrhythmia, or anomalous care plans.

Urban Computing

Detecting anomalous mobility patterns in a city for public safety.

Recent Projects



Detecting anomalous mobility patterns in a city for public safety.

ECG Lens

Detecting arrhythmia based on ECG data


Detecting anomalous collective and ego-centric behaviors on social media.



石洋 助理研究员

Yang Shi, Assistant researcher

钱嘉忆 行政助理

Jiayi Qian, Administrative Assistant

郭姝男 华东师范大学博士访问生

Shunan Guo, Visiting student from ECNU

赵荣文 研究助理

Rongwen Zhao, Graduated from Anhui University

金卓宸 博士生(即将入学)

Zhuochen Jin, Will graduate from Zhejiang University

严歆 (即将入学)

Xin Yan, Will graduate from Wuhan University