同济大学智能大数据可视化实验室(Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab, 即 iDVx Lab)成立于2016年9月,是同济大学中一个横跨“设计创意学院”及“软件学院”的以信息及数据科学为研究方向的创新型试验室,旨在打造数据科学领域中具有世界一流水准的智能化数据分析、可视化、设计、以及人机交互技术,并开展相关技术在 智慧医疗以及智能设计等领域的广泛应用。实验室由国家 “青年千人” 带头,在学术界先后建立了与美国北卡罗来纳州立大学信息学院、美国匹兹堡大学信息学院、亚利桑那州立大学信息系统学院的长期合作及交流访问计划。在工业界,实验室先后与IBM,微软、Adobe、西门子,等国内外大型企业建立合作关系。放眼未来,我们将努力把 iDVx 实验室打造成一个具有国际影响力的创新研究型实验室。

iDVx Lab is a research lab in the College of Design and Innovation and the School of Software Engineering at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. The lab was founded in 2016 and focuses on data science, with the goal of developing state-of-the-art techniques in the fields of intelligent data analysis, visualization, design, and human-computer interaction. We apply these techniques to various application domains, such as precision medicine and intelligent design. iDVx lab is led by Prof. Nan Cao, who is selected in the National 1000 Young Talent Program 2016. We have been cooperating with North Carolina State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Arizona State University to launch visiting/exchange student programs. In the industry, iDVx lab has worked with IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Siemens on research projects.

Precision Medicine

Detecting anomalies in medical and healthcare data such as gene mutation, arrhythmia, or anomalous care plans.

Intelligent Design

Using artificial intelligence techniques to solve key issues in design, revealing the principles of visual communication.

Urban Computing

Detecting anomalous mobility patterns in a city for public safety.

Recent Projects



Detecting anomalous mobility patterns in a city for public safety.


Detecting arrhythmia based on ECG data


Summarizing large scale and high-dimensional event sequence data.



石洋 助理研究员

Yang Shi, Assistant researcher

钱嘉忆 行政助理

Jiayi Qian, Administrative Assistant

郭姝男 华东师范大学博士访问生

Shunan Guo, Visiting student from ECNU

金卓宸 博士生

Zhuochen Jin, PhD Student, Received the Bachelors' degree from Zhejiang University

徐开 华东师范大学博士访问生

Kai Xu, Visiting student from ECNU

严歆 硕士生

Xin Yan, M.Phil Student, Received the Bachelors' degree from Wuhan University

陈超然 同济大学 设创学院

Chaoran Chen, Undergraduate student from Tongji University